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Versus Car Audio & Truck Accessories of Burleson is commited in providing our customers with only the highest audio quality sound systems in the Industry. We at Versus Car Audio have selected a few number of brands, this means you get the best audio quality and performance for many years to come for the best price. 


We have carefully selected JL Audio, Focal Audio and Alpine Electronics to be our three in house mayor brands, after many years of research and working in the industry we have listen to many speakers and sub woofers, and we have found that these three brands not only meet our expectations as audiophiles but have been the top companies in the industry for about 20 years.


JL Audio is the premier manufactor of Sub Woofers and Amplifiers in the world, providing the highest audio quality and the best built woofers. JL Audio is an american made brand and this guys take it really serious. JL Audio currently has over 15 engenieers working and perfecting their products to meet even the highest quality audiophiles. 


Focal Audio the prestigious french speaker manufactor of high quality mid range speakers. We at Versus selected focal to be part of one of our lines just because there is no other product like them in the industry. The Focal Utopia is the ultimate sound an any car application using extremly rare materials such as Beryllium and Kevlar.


Alpine Electronics is by far one of the oldest companies around providing exceptional Car CD Recievers. Alpine is dedicated to provide the best audio quailty reproduction to your already amazing JL or Focal speakers.


Don't be fooled by unathorized dealers selling you counterfited products or products that are not under warranty, None of these brands above provide any type of warranty if the items are not purchased through an authorized retailer.  

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