Proper design in suspension development is key in providing a quality, trouble free product to the end consumer.

Fabtech leads the industry with extensive research, design technology and rigorous testing that results in the highest performing, finest quality suspension system for the discerning offroad enthusiast.

New vehicle platforms now require a full integration of the vehicles electronics and sensors into the suspension design in order for the vehicle to properly function.

Fabtech has invested into proprietary development processes and technologies to aid in properly designing new vehicle suspension systems that lead the industry.

In-field testing and multiple vehicle fit checks ensure products will fit properly during installation and provide years of trouble free service with superior vehicle ride qualities.

Fabtech’s line of 4 Wheel Drive Suspension Systems have been designed to provide features and benefits that surpass all other systems on the market today. From stock tires and wheels fitting on all 4 wheel drive systems to standard features such as 1/4” thick differential skid plates, Fabtech is the suspension of choice for those that demand the best.

IFS Systems

Our 4 Wheel Drive IFS systems feature extended length steering knuckles combined with high arch crossmembers for exceptional strength and easy installation. Factory upper control arms and steering assemblies remain in the stock locations with proper suspension geometry. High arch crossmembers provide maximum ground clearance with an integrated differential skid plate for superior offroad capabilities.

• No driveshaft change required on IFS systems
• No exhaust modification required on most 6” systems
• Includes Front and Rear Bump Stop Brackets
• Includes impact struts
• Includes differential skid plate
• Increased caster for more control
• Compatible with SUV Autoride shocks

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